Taylor graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art and currently works at Firaxis Games
projects include:
Civ V Gods and Kings Brave new world
| Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning | Elder Scrolls Online | Paizo Publishing | (voice acting for) Dishonored
She also teaches at the Maryland Institute College of art
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  • woo! so much pathfinder art that I finally get to show! shwew! so much work :) so much fun!

    again! tons of new pathfinder inner sea gods! Was so much fun to redo these for the Inner Sea Gods book :)

    woo! Got the chance to redo a good chunk of the art for the pathfinder inner sea gods book! shwew! this was a lot of work but so much fun!  yay!


    This one is the last of the Kobolds of Golarion set  and ill say this one is my fave and was so much fun to work on! A bigger, def. more ferocious Blindheim
    you dont want to meet this guy in the dark!